Welcome To Bulldog Furniture

    Eight years have pasted and big  thank you to all our customers, fellow woodworkers, suppliers and photographers.  I hope the new changes made last year to the website make it easier to navigate our site.  It has been fun showing everyone the building progress (though I struggle with the camera).  I hope you have found it helpful.

    Our primary mission remains intact.  We still use solid wood and traditional wood joinery techniques.  These are  time honored methods for building fine furniture.

     The  Maloof-styled rocking chair was the highlight of 2010.  It is definitely a  woodworkers‘ challenge.  I would love to make one for you.  They can be made to fit the sitters’ height.  My next chair  is a Maloof-styled low back dining chair.  Though not complete, the parts are about ready for final shaping.  The shop has been buzzing with projects and time has been very tight.  Stay tuned!

     Be sure to check out our For Sale  page.  I will be listing some spokeshaves that I have recently updated.

Thanks for visiting Bulldog Furniture.  Stop by often.

Maloof-Styled Rocker

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